Just Launched! Fundraising Opportunity For Your Sports Program

We hope you are enjoying your summer and making sure you #takeitoutside to enjoy these lazy days of summer and fun!

But before you know it, fall will be upon us and we will back to another school sports season. Along with that often comes fundraising, to make sure your sports program can run optimally and that your players have the best possible equipment and apparel.

Well that is where we’d like to come in and help. Recently we launched our affiliate program which allows you to earn money for your school just by referring our products to parents and players.

Our affiliate program is a super simple process:

  • You sign up your school or yourself (takes about 30 seconds).
  • We give you a web link and website banners in your affiliate dashboard.
  • You promote the web link in an email, on flyers you hand out to parents or players, share on social media, and you may place the banner on any website, such as your school’s athletic website page.
  • When someone you refer clicks on the link or banner image and makes a purchase, you or your school  earn a commission.
  • It is all tracked through a unique referral link.  You are able to view clicks, purchases and commissions straight from your affiliate dashboard.
  • A check is sent to you or your school every month that you earn $50 or more.

Parents and coaches really like this approach since it is an easy way to help with fundraising without having to do much work or anything too out of the ordinary. We like it because we’d much rather give back to our customers and to their sports programs, than to send fat checks to Google or Facebook for advertising. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you want to learn more about the affiliate program or sign up, you can visit: http://www.steellockersports.com/affiliate_info.asp

You can contact renee@steellockersports.com with any questions you may have regarding our affiliate program.

~The SteelLocker Sports Team