A Few Tips to Finding More Power in Your Batting Swing

A Few Tips to Finding More Power in Your Bat Swing

Every baseball player has a reason for wanting to improve their bat swing. Hitting baseballs harder, longer and more accurate is a huge portion of the game. Finding the right type of baseball training aid or exercise program that will best benefit you can be a little tricky. What works for one person may not necessarily work for everyone, but one things for sure, the body parts you want to target and work on are the same for everyone.

Hit Your Core
Probably one of the most important things a baseball player wants to strengthen is their core muscles. When you swing a baseball bat your power comes from the ground up and through the core. When you stand and swing your body back and forth, it’s your core that is doing most of that work. Your upper legs (Glutes), back and the abdominal area are largely responsibly for how solid you hit the ball.

Squats, lunges, knee bends, dead-lifts and plank workouts are just a few core workouts that someone can do. For more core workouts, simply type in “core workouts” on the internet and you will find an abundance of them online along with instruction on how to do them.

Forearms, Wrists, Hands and Fingers
You definitely want to be strong in these areas to. As your body makes it through the twist and your bat comes through the target area, you are going to want to have a strong grip on the baseball bat. These areas can be straightened with simple grip exercises. You can accomplish these types of exercises with a tennis balls or grip exercise equipment. Simple squeezing exercises can workout all four of the target areas.

Technique, Stance, and Balance
Remember, the power comes from the ground up and if you don’t have the correct stance coupled with balance, you won’t have the technique you need to hit the ball in the sweet spot.

Better bat power is more about technique, stance, balance and reputation more than it is anything else. You can be the strongest man on the team, but if you can’t distribute your power correctly into your bat swing, all your power, just won’t mean very much.