After being told he could never play again, one baseball player defied the odds

A part of playing baseball and softball is knowing that in order to be very successful, batters will fail to register a hit in 70 percent of their at bats. This fundamental of these sports is the reason a lot of players don't end up making it past their high school junior varsity squads.

It can be difficult to get up to bat again after getting called out on a close play, but imagine trying to pitch again after being told that you'd never be able to play baseball again.

That's what 17-year-old Michael Capps faced after being in a terrible accident. Capps was driving his parents' SUV when a deer appeared in the road. Trying to avoid the animal, he swerved out of the way and got into a collision that resulted in two broken vertebrae in his neck, according to Portland, Oregon-based media outlet, KATU.

He was told by doctors that he would not only be in recovery for nearly a year, he would also never be able to play the sport he loves ever again. That didn't discourage him, however.

"I was in the weight room with my neck brace on trying to stay in shape," he explained to the news source. "I had the first practice marked on the calendar and I wanted to make sure I got there … [Baseball] is the number one thing in my life so to not have it would have been devastating. So I just kept pushing through to make sure I could play this season."

In just five months, Capps had his Hockinson High School baseball jersey back on and he was putting up outstanding numbers on the mound.