Choosing a Baseball Glove for Your Position

Not all baseball gloves are created equal. Baseball gloves come in all sizes to fit different hand widths and lengths. There are gloves for right-handed and left-handed players. There are also baseball gloves geared to fit the position and level you play. We’ve compiled some recommendations on how to select a baseball glove for you depending on which position you play. Once you get the right baseball glove for you, you’ll see improvements in your field game.

First, determine the glove that best suits your fielding position: Catcher, First Base, Infield, Outfield and read on to see our recommendations!

Catcher’s Mitt: A fingerless mitt. It has heavy padding to reduce the sting from the pitcher’s throw and is reinforced to withstand heavy use throughout the game.



Rawlings gloves are universally recognized for their endurance and performance. The Rawlings Gamer Series 32.5” Catcher’s Mitt is made with a new soft leather that’s easier to break in and maximizes on comfort and durability. It allows for a deep pocket to form so you can scoop the ball much quicker. Recommended for adults.







Protect your youth player’s hands with a reinforced glove made with a high-strength rawhide and a VRS palm pad. The Easton Natural Series Youth Catcher’s Mitt is suitable for right-hand or left-hand throws. Recommended for youth players.





First Base Glove: Resembles a catcher’s mitt but has less padding. A first base glove is longer to help field throws from infielders and has a shallow pocket to quickly retrieve the ball from the mitt.





Made with full-grain finger linings and Pro Grade Laces, this Rawlings Gamer Series 12.5” First Baseman Glove packs a punch for adult players. Specially made for the first base position, the palm is reinforced with Poron XRD Palm Protection which will reduce the impact of the ball.






Infield Glove: A five-fingered glove with a shallow pocket. A youth size is between 9 – 11 inches and an adult glove measures 10 ½ to 11 ½ inches.



If you’re all about the features, then this glove is for you. The Easton Mako Comp Infield Pitchers Glove 11.75” is made with double-oiled leather and is ergonomically designed for maximum control.






The Easton Natural Youth Series NATY3000 First Baseman Glove might be a mouthful to stay but this comfortable glove is especially made for smaller hands. With a reinforced, double X pattern on the open back, this glove is suitable for right or left-hand throws.




Outfield Glove: A deeper pocket to handle balls hit high in the air and has a longer length to give as much reach as possible. Usually sized at 12 to 12 ½ inches for adults, about 11 inches for children.





Easton makes some of the best baseball gloves around. The Mako Comp 12.75” Outfield Baseball Glove is no exception. Designed with double finger welting for improved finger articulation and with soft, sponge-tricot finger lining, this glove provides the control and comfort you want in an outfielder’s glove.



Multi-Positions Glove: If you plan to play several positions, find a glove that provides the most control for a variety of outfield positions.





The Rawlings Player Preferred Series Glove can be utilized for a variety of positions. It’s made with a closed, deep pocket for infielders and pitchers but also its 14” length is favored by outfielders. Recommended for adults.








The 11.5” glove by Easton’s Natural Youth Series is a comfortable and protective glove suitable for a variety of positions. Ideal for either left or right-handed players, this glove features a comfortable, open back.





Have more questions about which adult or youth baseball gloves are right for your team? Contact us! We’d be happy to offer our expertise.