Has Alex Rodriguez played his final game in pinstripes?

Alex Rodriguez’s career has certainly not been one without controversy. Between questions about steroid use and his attitude, ARod hasn't exactly been the clubhouse presence that a team would expect from their franchise player.

Rodriguez has signed two of the largest contracts in baseball history, most recently a $275 million deal with the New York Yankees, and while he's certainly demonstrated that he can be one of the most elite baseball players of all time during the season, he's not exactly the clutch player the Yanks were hoping for.

Up until he won his first World Series in 2009, ARod was known for his postseason woes, though he only hit .250 in those six games. This year, after a mediocre regular season performance, his playoff struggles reemerged, as he went an abysmal 3-for-25 (.120) at the plate with 12 strikeouts.

"Baseball's not an easy game," Rodriguez told The Associated Press after the Yankees were swept by the Tigers in the ALCS. "You wish you could go out and, again, hit .400 and hit the ball all over the park and hit home runs but the one thing that I'm proud of is just kept coming out, working hard, battling, never gave up. And we win as a team, we lose as a team."

So the question is, will ARod be back in the Bronx next year?

In a word: probably.

Unless the Yankees are able to pull off a deal like the Red Sox did earlier this season with the Dodgers, they would be forced to eat the majority of the $114 million they owe him over the next five seasons. Considering his past, it's unlikely that someone would be willing to simply take on that much cash, but stranger things have happened.

When asked if he's back with the Yankees next year, he told the AP, "I will be back and I have a lot to prove and I will come back on a mission."