How About a New Spring Baseball Bat for Your Player?

Does your youth sports player need a new bat? Has the old one had it? Maybe your player deserves a new, shiny one.

Yep, spring is around the corner and that means baseball for everyone. If your kids in youth sports and plays for a team at school or elsewhere, he’ll most likely want a new bat to show off. Here are some great choices in youth baseball bats to help him/her with her swing this season and set tails wagging from his/her teammates.

RAWL-YBRV11-2TThe smooth-swinging Rawlings Velo™ transforms hitters into an agile force with its game-winning pairing of extreme balance and explosive swing speed. Constructed with Precision-Optimized Performance (pOp 2.0™) technology, the Velo™ is marked by a longer barrel containing an enhanced sweet spot and a Comp-Lite end cap that lowers MOI and increases bat speed. Its stiff alloy handle ensures a consistent feel at the plate while adding strength to each swing. These elements unite to deliver explosive harmony for each athlete choosing a Rawlings Velo™ as their weapon of choice.

MIZ-340350-2The Mizuno Maxcor BBCOR Baseball Bat works harder and smarter than other bats. It features a visco-elastic sleeve that creates more spin on the ball for increased distance and a hitting surface that was specially designed to widen the circumferential sweet spot. Also, the aerospace grade aluminum alloy core keeps the weight of this baseball bat low, and packs an impressive punch. The dynamic damper transition piece from barrel to taper absorbs vibration, and the synthetic leather handle improves grip. Players and coaches can trust that this Mizuno Maxcor Baseball Bat is BBCOR certified, making it approved for NCAA & NFHS play.

ES-YB16MK12-2The Easton Mako® youth baseball bat has been tried and proven true. It features a unique Thermo Composite Technology that combines the power of having more barrel in the hitting zone with the speed of a light bat. Add that to the massive sweet spot, and you have a bat that the kids will fall in love with. It is the best of both worlds, the strength of a heavier bat with the ease of a lighter one. Approved Leagues: USSSA, Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Pony Baseball, AABC.

Just think how happy your player will be with one of these new youth baseball bats when the season begins soon!