How to pick the best baseball glove for your child

With the holiday season fast approaching, parents are beginning to wonder what Christmas gifts will make their young athletes gleam with joy. If you've got a Little League player in your home, a brand new youth baseball glove or mitt may be the perfect present to put under the tree. Since they're out of season right now, there are a number of great deals on big name equipment, like Rawlings baseball gloves and bats.

But as you're perusing the internet for the perfect glove, you may wonder which one is perfect for your little ballplayer. There are a bunch of different styles and brands to choose from, but if nothing else, the one thing you need to know is what position your son plays.

Catchers, first baseman, pitchers, infielders and outfielders all wear different types of gloves, so keep in mind these major discrepancies:

♦ Catchers' mitts are small and have a lot of padding for handling hard-thrown pitches.
♦ First basemen's mitts are large and rounded for catching tough throws.
♦ Pitchers' gloves typically have solid webbing so batters can't see how they're holding the ball.
♦ Infielders' gloves are usually smaller, while outfielders have long fingers for leaping catches and stealing home runs.

Gloves that are larger than 12" are prohibited in Little League baseball, so make sure you pay close attention to the size before you checkout. Most youth baseball gloves are sized between 9" and 12", so you shouldn't have any problems finding one that fits for your young athlete and is legal to use in games.

You may also want to make sure that you purchase a kit to break the glove in, especially if it's on the less expensive side, and a glove lacing kit. Usually, spending a little bit more for the glove initially means that it'll be easier to break in.