Mizuno 9 Spike Classic G6 Low Switch Cleat Review

Having the right baseball equipment is essential for every player whether they are an amateur or a pro. This isn't limited to the most up-to-date baseball gloves and bats, but also applies to an area much less frequently considered: cleats.

Properly fitted and spiked cleats can make the difference between catching a single and being sent back to the dugout. For players looking to get an edge on the competition, Mizuno cleats are a great option. The Japanese company is well-established in the baseball world and a number of Major League Baseball players use their products.

Their Mizuno 9 Spike Classic G6 Switch Cleat has a number of features that are advantageous. The footwear has nine instead of the traditional six spikes, which provides added grip when sprinting for the sack. This also serves as a firm anchor when setting up a swing, allowing players to transfer as much energy through their bodies into the ball. In addition, the metal spikes are more durable than their plastic counterparts.

The shoe itself features technology unique to Mizuno, including Forefoot Flex, which allows the foot to have maximum mobility while running. As adequately supported shoes are a critical factor in preventing injury their Infinity Wave technology also ensures that players' feet will have the most comfort possible while maintaining support. For players who prefer an added layer of ankle protection, these cleats are also offered in a mid-rise style.

SteelLocker offers the Mizuno 9 Spike Classic G6 Switch Cleats at a competitively priced $107.99. These well-rounded shoes are available in sizes 6.5-16 and are great for boys who want to boost their baseball performance with extra grip.