Product Review: Rawlings 5-Tool Swing Chute Trainer

If you want to be the middle-of-the-lineup, impact hitter on your baseball or softball team, one tool you should make sure you practice with as much as possible is the Rawlings 5-Tool Swing Chute Trainer.

Five-tool players need to be fast, have a strong arm, work magic with their baseball gloves and be able to hit for both power and average. While some ballplayers are fortunate enough to be born with some of these skills, the latter two require years of hard work and fine-tuning of their mechanics.

In order to both log a number of hits and smash balls over the outfield fence, a player needs to have a lot of factors working for him. He needs to, of course, have great hand-eye coordination, lots of upper body and core strength, superb center of balance and patience. But most importantly, a hitter needs to have very quick hands, and consequently, elite bat speed.

Just before every at-bat, many hitters slide a weight onto their bat to take a few practice cuts. By swinging a heavier bat just before they go up to the plate, they are able to swing just a little bit faster when they face live pitching.

At home or practice, swinging a weighted bat has its benefits, but there's another, more effective way to increase bat speed – resistance training. The Rawlings 5-Tool Swing Chute Trainer attaches to the barrel of your bat and has a small parachute on the end. When you swing with this great tool, everything will slow down and make a regular bat feel like a twig at the plate.

When you order the Rawlings 5-Tool Swing Chute Trainer from SteelLocker Sports for only $31.99, you'll also receive hitting drills and instructions. These sleek, portable training products typically ship in just one or two days, so if you want to start working on your swing as soon as possible, order yours today!

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