Rawlings 5150 Velo BBCOR bat optimizes the sweet spot like none other

In one of the most impactful changes to high school and college baseball in quite some time, traditional aluminum bats were banned in the last few years. Instead, hitters are now required to use Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) certified bats. On this blog, we've discussed how the safer bats have certainly changed the game at both levels, as offensive numbers have dropped significantly around leagues since the BBCOR bats were introduced.

Players who would like to produce offensively just as they did with previous bats should get the Rawlings 5150 Velo. While its sleek look may seem to be the primary reason for its appeal, the team at Rawlings made sure that it was constructed with an optimum sweet spot while complying with the BBCOR standards. To do this, the bat was designed with precision-optimized performance (pOp) technology.

The new Velo is made with a 5150 alloy metal that is 10 times stronger than traditional alloys used to make baseball bats. Because of this, Rawlings was able to optimize the sweet spots by making the walls of the bat much thinner in those areas.

One complaint that hitters had in regards to BBCOR bats was that they felt very heavy, which slowed down swings and further added to the offensive limitations that the mandated standards caused. The new Rawlings baseball bats, however, were designed so that their weight distribution was much more balanced. With quicker hands, players can pack more of a punch in their swing.

This isn't the first Rawlings 5150 bat, however. While the original model's barrel length had some hitters concerned, the baseball equipment experts at Rawlings give their latest version a larger barrel, which consequently gives batters a larger area to hit the ball from.