Rawlings Professional Maple Wood Baseball Bat

There are myriad options when it comes to Rawlings baseball bats out there. From different types of wood to composite materials to metal, with hundreds of brands and models, it can seem nearly impossible to determine what the best option is for a young athlete while still balancing a budget and league criteria.

If you've elected to stick with the classic format and go with a wooden bat, there are two mainstream types of wood available: maple and ash. Many parents and athletes don't know that there is a difference in the performance of these two woods. While ash is generally less expensive, it is also sometimes more likely to splinter.

Maple, while on the pricier side, is a slightly stronger wood. The Rawlings Professional Maple Wood bat is a great option for those seeking a wooden bat that is reasonably priced and has a lot of pop. This bat comes in the extremely well-known Rawlings 271 shape, and due to its "professional" grade, is only made from the top tier of wood that the manufacturer receives.

This bat also features the incredibly useful Pro Ink Dot Test. Used in the professional baseball arena on all maple bats, the ink dot test indicates the strength of the bat with a quick glance. A drop of black ink is placed along the handle, which then bleeds into the grain. Athletes should look for the straightest grain possible, as these pieces of wood are the sturdiest.

SteelLocker offers the Rawlings Professional Maple Wood Baseball Bat for an affordable $99.99. Players who are looking to maintain the time-honored tradition of wooden bats will find a perfect candidate in this model.