Teaching young baseball and softball players how to sacrifice bunt

A well-placed and well-timed bunt can be the difference between a win and a loss in a close game. It can be tough to convince young hitters about the merits of bunting, considering how much they want to get a hit, but having a player who is willing to and can consistently drop down a solid bunt is truly invaluable to a team.

Bunting for a hit is a completely different animal, so for today, we'll discuss how to sacrifice bunt to advance a runner.

Positioning: If you are going to sacrifice bunt, there's really no need to hide your intentions, so just as the pitcher begins his delivery, get in position. Depending on the hitter's preference, there are two ways to stand in the batter's box when they are preparing to bunt: pivoted or square.

If the batter chooses to start in the former position, he will simply turn from his regular stance as though he is halfway through a regular swing.

The square position has the batter directly facing the pitcher, with his feet in line with the front of home plate.

In either case, his knees should be bent and the bat should be parallel to the ground and at the top of the strike zone. This makes it easier for hitters to both lay off high pitches out of the zone, but also to make sure they hit the top half of the ball.

Grip: The batter's back hand should be in the middle of the bat, balanced on the index finger of a clenched fist and supported in the back by his thumb. The back hand will be around the very end of the bat, with his knuckles facing the pitcher.

Making Contact: It's crucial that batters keep their eye on the ball all the way into their bats, and never dip below the ball. Using their back hands to angle the bat either toward first or second, depending on where they intend to direct the bunt.

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