Up your pitchers’ accuracy with the Champro Pop-Up Virtual Catcher

Playing catch can be a wonderful way to help young baseball players increase their accuracy over distances and across their range of motion. However, once they have the basics down, and especially once they've set their heart on being a pitcher, baseball gloves and a throwing partner can only go so far.

Coaches and parents can challenge their athletes with the Champro Pop-up virtual catcher. This training tool consists of a nearly 6-foot by 4.25-foot vinyl panel with a durable steel frame, which unfolds into position easily. The kit includes stakes to secure the catcher no matter where you choose to set up, whether at home plate or on your home's lawn.

The catcher features an image of a typical hitter's stance along with a window for the strike zone and five surrounding holes to highlight pitches to the outside. Baseballs thrown accurately will easily travel through the windows to the other side of the frame. A strategically placed net system dispenses balls into a container for easy recovery.

Every player on your team can benefit

However, the Champro pop-up virtual catcher can be used for more than just teaching pitchers where the strike zone is. As every coach knows, one of the man on the mound's essential functions is preventing base steals. By using the virtual catcher, athletes' throws can become more accurate, whether they're aiming for the middle of the plate or the glove of the second baseman. The virtual catcher can also help all of your defensive players, both outfielders and infielders, get the ball to one another.

SteelLocker offers the Champro pop-up virtual catcher, a great investment for any youth team, for an affordable $105.99.