Why your baseball team should be wearing Champro Pro-Plus Open Bottom Pants

Every youth baseball team needs a great uniform. Uniforms in and of themselves can boost morale and help your players feel more like a unit, whether they're on the diamond or in the dugout. Sleek baseball pants are a big part of the uniform. The Champro Pro-Plus Youth Open Bottom Pant with Piping is perfect for young teams.

Not only do these pants look good and offer a wide array of piping colors to match every team logo, they are extremely durable and comfortable. The pants are made with 14-ounce warp knit Dri-Gear polyester fabric, which means that they're not going to rip during a slide. The knees are double reinforced, providing further protection against wear and tear. The specially formulated Dri-Gear technology is also highly absorbent, so it will keep your players dry and cool during hot summer innings on the field.

Given how durable these pants are, you're sure to keep them for a long time. With how fast kids grow and ever-changing team rosters, the Champro Youth Open Bottom Pants offer a great feature for coaches and parents alike: the pants have an adjustable velcro hem, so as your young players shoot up like bean stalks, they won't have to invest in a new pair!

Another feature worth noting is the jersey grip included along the waistband of the pants. This stickier material will keep your players' shirts tucked in throughout the whole game, which helps them stay on the ball and look sharp all at once.

If your team is in the market for baseball uniforms, you don't need to look further than the Champro Pro-Plus Youth Open Bottom Pant with Piping. At an incredibly reasonable $16.99, these long-lasting baseball pants are the perfect fit for your players' looks, budget and comfort.