How basketball players can improve vertical leap this summer

Youth and high school athletes whose primary sport is basketball are probably participating in a summer league right now, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be training on the side as well. While it's crucial that they work hard no matter what team they are on, it's no question that their primary focuses are probably their school or AAU teams, which are currently out of season.

The summer is a great time for staying in shape and also developing into a stronger and faster athlete overall. In basketball particularly, a good vertical leap is one of the most important skills an athlete can have. While some basketball players may believe that they simply can't jump very high and there's not a thing they can do about it, they're wrong.

Plyometrics are the primary type of exercise that anyone who wants to jump higher should be doing. In particular, box jumps can help develop proper jumping technique as well as build up the hip and leg muscles that when strengthened, can really spring an athlete in the air.

There are a lot of variations of box jumps, all of which help in their own unique way. The most common of these is standing box jumps, but athletes can alter them so they land on one or both legs. This exercise can also be done with quick bounds to improve explosiveness.

While training and playing for club teams during the offseason, basketball players may experience leg and arm soreness. Stretching can help reduce this soreness and also increase flexibility, which will in turn, improve vertical leap. Additionally, basketball arm sleeves can help keep players' elbows, triceps and biceps loose during competition so injuries and soreness are less likely. For arm sleeves and other basketball equipment, be sure to check out SteelLocker's enormous online store.