Weekly Coaching Drill – Zig Zag Dribble Drill

Welcome to our youth basketball coaching drills and tips.  Each week our coaches share a coaching drill or tip to help youth basketball coaches and dads developed their players.   Today’s drill is designed to develop dribbling skills with both hands, while getting some pressure from the defender.

Drill objective: To improve technique of defending the dribble and to put a little pressure on the dribbler.


Drill Setup:  Set out cones to split the court in half, with your players working in pairs. Set up two lanes of zig zag patterns with cones

The Zig Zag Dribble Drill

  • The player with the ball should dribble the ball up the court in a Zig Zag pattern.
  • The second player will be playing passive defence. They should be in front of the attacker at all times but are not actively trying to steal the ball.
  • The defensive player must try to cut the dribbler off at each of the the lines (cones and touchline) using their outside foot so that the dribbler has to change direction.
  • They continue to do this until they reach the end of the court at which point players then switch roles and repeat the drill in the opposite direction.
  • Court how many times the ball carrier was cut out!

Coaching Tips: 

  • When they are dribbling to their left they should use their left hand and then cross over to their right hand when dribbling to the right.
  • Defender has a low stance, eye level is on belly of ball carrier, maintain touching distance, fake at ball with hands, slide feet with no cross over. Balance is key here!