Coaching Tee Ball? Check Out Our Helpful Checklist for New Coaches.

The baseball season is hear and new young players are signing up to play tee ball.   Signing up your young player to take the field for the first time can be exciting.  Tee ball is made of up all mainly 4, 5 and 6 year old players.  Because of this young age there is an increased need for volunteer parents to assist both in practice and in games.   Along with volunteers there is the one important role of head baseball coach which can be overwhelming if he/she is not prepared for the task.    We’ve assembled a quick list of items to help that one lucky person prepare to head coach his/her tee ball team.

Item #1 – Very Important – Find yourself a team parent to assist with all the logistics of being part of the team that does not include coaching.  The team parent will assist with communication regarding volunteer opportunities, snack schedules, coordination of team uniforms, game day volunteers, and all the other tasks that pop up during the year.

Item #2 – Find a 2-4 assistant coaches.  Your coaches do not need in depth baseball knowledge and experience to help with baseball practice. They do however need to have  time, energy, positive attitude, and a ton of patience.  Find a few parents that possess these and your team and players will enjoy the season.  Baseball knowledge does help, but not the only thing that matters.  They are toddlers.

Item #3 – Have a plan.   The key to success will be tied to being organized and having a plan.  A plan for game day, and a baseball plan for practices.  Your practice plan should be full of fun baseball drills teaching the fundamentals of baseball.  How to throw, how to field, how to swing a bat, are all items that should be on the plan.  Be sure to structure your plan down to the minute including water breaks, etc.

Item #4Baseball equipment needed.  Here is a quick list of items you should consider must haves for practice.

  1. Tee ball batting Tee.   It is tee ball.  A basic adjustable height t is just fine.  You do not need an industrial strength t-ball tee for this age.  Get something light weight and easy to transport.
  2. Practice baseballs – you will need two sets of balls.  The first are safety cover baseballs.  Basically these are soft baseballs that assist with helping the kids learn to field and throw the ball.   The second are plastic wiffle balls that can be used to hit off the batting tee when teaching the kids how to bat.  These balls do not fly very far and keeps the kids batting versus chasing balls all over the field.
  3. Baseball bucket for the balls – hopefully this one is self explanatory.
  4. A set of throw down bases.  Depending upon where you practice, you may need to have an extra set of bases to place down during practice.  Very important item.
  5. Equipment bag – to include extra glove, batting helmet and cap.

Item #5 – bring lot’s of patience and a desire to have fun. The kids starting tee ball are young and full of energy.  Keep the verbal instruction to a minimum and keep the lines for drills short.  They will learn more with repetition while moving from station to station.

If you follow a few of our simple rules, you’ll have a successful season, the kids will have fun, and you will be rewarded with the joy of coaching your kids.

Have any suggestion for new coaches?  Please share them with us.

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