Designing The Perfect Baseball Uniform With SteelLocker Sports

131607301_553b70e965_zSports are fun to play and watch, having been played by humans for hundreds — if not thousands — of years. Soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, and virtually every other sport builds characters in those who play on organized teams, often teaching players lifelong lessons. Sports are also a great way to get physical activity, bettering the physical and mental health of those who regularly play.

Baseball is America’s longest-standing professional sport, known as America’s pastime for good reason. Generations of sons and daughters have watched sports with parents, family members, and friends, providing viable bonding opportunities for millions of kids. Organizing a youth baseball league is fun, provides a fun way to spend time, requires highly-beneficial exercise, and can teach young athletes important life lessons.

For both players and coaches, one of the most fun parts about having your own team is designing your custom baseball uniforms, and your friends at SteelLocker Sports are here to help you! After all, nothing brings a team together like wearing their very own unique uniform!

Using professional logos

In practice, borrowing professional baseball teams’ logos and likenesses for youth league use is perfectly acceptable. Many schools, recreational leagues, and youth organizations utilize these expertly-crafted logos to represent their teams and what they stand for. Using a professional logo is undoubtedly easier than creating one from scratch, although choosing from only 30 MLB teams provides for only so many options. Ask team members and parents what professional baseball teams they most like to root for to narrow down logos to choose from.

Putting together complementary color schemes

Baseball uniforms often incorporate three or more colors. Youth leagues may use even more to entice players to rally behind their squads and garner the attention of parents and family members. When designing your  team’s uniforms, consider using a color wheel to match appropriate colors with one another.

Simply guessing which colors go together with one another is difficult, often resulting in schemes that are visually unappealing, and nobody wants that — just think of the soccer moms!

Think of how deeply colors are used

Sports’ teams uniforms usually have primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, if not even more than three. Primary colors are the basis of uniforms and logos, taking up the most space of all colors. These colors should be easy on the eye, so swing for cool or dark blues, reds, and greens. Youth players themselves may be crazy for eye-gouging hues like bright neon yellow, although such a color is generally a bad idea for primary colors.

Secondary colors have more leeway than primaries, although they should not be eyesores, either. If your players dowant something outlandish like bright, annoying neon yellow, consider incorporating it as a tertiary color in your team’s baseball uniforms.

Make sure colors sufficiently contrast

Dark maroon lettering on jet black or navy blue backdrops is very difficult to read. Team identities, logos, and players’ surnames should be easily differentiated from their backdrops up close and from long distances. Similarly, if a uniform utilizes the primary color of white for the majority of its fabric, stray away from using baby blue, bright yellow, and faint red colors for team names and logos, for example.

Decide on a uniform layout before deciding on colors

Imagine a pinstripe uniform with cool blue and deep red for its colors — pretty unappealing, right? Such uniform disasters can be circumvented by first selecting uniform layouts. Deciding on colors first may result in ugly uniforms, as uniform designs are best complemented by appropriate colors, not the other way around.

Many factors go into designing baseball uniforms for youth leagues. Although youth baseball teams’ uniforms and gear are generally not sold for profits, and even if they are, it’s only in small, local areas, selecting a proper color scheme, uniform layout, logo, and clothing material are all difficult jobs. Whatever you do, make sure to include team members, parents, and coaches in all uniform design decisions to keep everyone happy.

SteelLocker Sports offers customization on uniforms for all sports, so be sure to check with us the next time you need custom baseball uniforms, custom football uniforms, custom basketball uniforms, and more!

Photo: Jackie / CC 2.0