Coaching Youth Flag Football? Get flag football plays that work!

Coaching a youth flag football team? Then you should visit to get your downloadable youth flag football plays, practice plans and football drills. Flag Football Plans has created an easy to use color coded teaching system that works. The flag football plays for youth have been created with positions that have a unique colors for each. They also include colored wristbands that match the positions to make it easy to teach the kids the positions and plays within the playbook. The flag football plays have a great mix of both running and passing plays and have been designed to make execution easy.

We tested the flag football plays with two group of kids, 6 year old and 9 year old kids. With the 6 year old group we found that all the players quickly learned the formations and player assignments and right away started calling the positions by their color. After about 10 minutes of explaining the plays, the kids were able to perform the plays and with good execution. All we needed to tweak was the timing. But extremely good progress for only 10 minutes. As far as the older group, they were able to read and understand the play quickly and needed little help to get into the formation and running plays. Interesting thing was they were also in tuned with the position colors and we were able to move them around easily without having to reteach each player. All the players thought the flag football plays were fun and easy to learn.

So, if you need plays and assistance coaching your youth flag football team, we suggest you gives these plays a try. There are about 25 flag football plays, along with practice plans, and for the experienced players there are plays that fit into coaches wristbands for added efficiency. Visit for more info. Or join the Coaches Corner for free plays, flag football drills, and tips.