Coaching Lessons To Take Away From Super Bowl LI

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Coaching can be a fun and rewarding experience for a lot of people, but it’s not without challenges and setbacks. One of the best ways to inspire athletes to understand a lesson is to provide them with examples from the real world. If you want to help your athletes take their talent to the next level, then take a look at the Super Bowl.

No matter what team you support, looking at the most recent game objectively can teach you a lot about football and teamwork. You and your athletes can then discuss the events and how they can be applied to each of your games.


When you face a team that has more talent and a better strategy, giving up is easy. When your team does not believe that they have any hope of winning, they won’t feel much motivation to keep putting in their best effort.

At the start of the game, the Patriots quickly fell behind, and making a comeback was almost out of the question. Most fans would have understood if the Patriots had given up, but the team chose to keep pushing forward in spite of the odds. Because of their perseverance, the Patriots pulled off a shocking victory.

Avoid Overconfidence

The Falcons did not waste much time when it came to pulling ahead of the Patriots, and the fans were all but certain the game was over. If you achieve your goals and get everything that you want, feeling overconfident is a natural result.

But once the Falcons thought that they had the game in the bag, they let it slip from their grip. The lesson that you and your team can take away from this situation is that underestimating the opposition is never a good idea. Even when your team has the lead, they must never let their guard down.

Teamwork Is Vital

The Patriots would have never won if they did not understand the importance of teamwork. Because the success of the team depends on the contribution of each player, encourage your players to support each other.

In addition to working with and helping each other improve, your team should learn the other players’ strengths and weaknesses, taking those factors into consideration for each play. The ability to focus on the needs of the team as a whole will work wonders for anyone who wants to take the game up a notch.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

If the Patriots had let the Falcon’s upper hand distract them, they would have been fighting even more of an uphill battle. Rather than losing sight of the objective, the Patriots managed to keep their eye on the prize until the game was won.

You can use this example to show your team why they should always keep their eye on the objective. One mistake is all that it takes to lose the edge, and drama will always be coming at you from every corner.

Looking at these Super Bowl lessons is sure to help your team improve their performance, but you won’t want to forget to encourage them to provide you with feedback. Your team will pick up on the lessons easily if you ask them to think of ways that the concepts can be applied to their own games.

Also, you won’t want just to offer the lessons that you think are important to learn from the Super Bowl. So ask your team to come up with additional things that they can take to heart after watching the big game. Once you have discussed several ideas, find a way to incorporate them into your training so that you can help your team make progress faster than ever before.

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Photo: CC 2.0 / Stuart Seeger