Developing a summer workout plan for running backs and QBs

While there are still a few more months before it's time to put on their football helmets in preparation of the season, high school and college players should be in the gym getting ready for training camps and team workouts.

One of the more unique aspects of football is the diversity of body types and skills from position to position, and because of that, there isn't one universal workout plan that can help all football players. For running backs specifically, improving speed and agility is a much bigger priority than it would be for linemen.

Quarterbacks, halfbacks and fullbacks should be sure to mix up their training regimen so that it includes a mix of plyometrics, weight lifting and running.

On days when backs aren't working out in the weight room, they should be doing calisthenics and plyo workouts. This can include a range of exercises from lunge walks across the field with weights to box jumps. However, burpees are a great exercise that should always be a part of these sessions. The athlete starts in a standing position and then drops down to push-up position. They do one push-up, jump their legs in toward their chest and then launch up into the air, and repeat.

Running exercises can vary depending on the type of back. Quarterbacks should do ladder and karaoke running drills to improve feet quickness, while running backs should put a lot of time in these workouts toward sprinting and cardio.

If the athlete is just starting his summer workout regimen, he should not be doing intense weight lifting everyday. It's best to focus more on getting in general shape with the other two workouts, as pumping too much iron too quickly can cause injuries.