Four Key Elements Of Youth Football Gameday


Coaching a youth football team can be a challenging and rewarding experience. It is important to have your players ready physically and mentally before each game. Here are some tips to help you prepare your team for game day.


Diet is important for any athlete. While you can’t preside over every meal your players eat, be sure to encourage a healthy diet. Advise them to eat vegetables and protein. Also, let them know how damaging junk food is to their performance and encourage them to cut out sugary foods and soda. You should also suggest that the players eat a meal high in carbs the night before each game. Pasta is a cheap and easy way to load up on carbohydrates.

Hydration is also very important. Encourage your players to drink plenty of water while on and off the field. During practice and games have an abundance of water available for your team and give them frequent water breaks.


Before the game, you should have the entire team stretch together. Have them go through several standing and sitting stretches. Next, have them form a few lines and do walking stretches for ten yards.

After your players are loose, break them into groups based on position and have each group run through some drills. Have the linemen practice blocking. Have the receivers and quarterbacks get some throwing and catching practice in. Lastly, have your running backs perform some foot drills.

After the drills, gather the team together and go over some plays. Be sure to spend a little time on your special team plays, which are often neglected.

Go over plays

After the team is warmed up have everyone gather together and talk through some plays with your players. Make sure each player knows what they’re doing on each play. If you are having your quarterbacks make the play calls, make sure they know all the plays and when to use them. If necessary, have the players walk through a few plays that are important or that they’re having trouble with.

During this time, you should also make sure that you and the other coaches are all on the same page. Nothing is more frustrating than a miscommunication between coaches when the clock is ticking.

Pep talk

After the pregame warmup and before the first kick-off is your time to make any adjustments. Let the players know what they did well and what they can improve on. Next, you should give the pre-game pep talk. This doesn’t need to be a huge dramatic speech, but you should use the opportunity to motivate your players. Be sure to let your team know what you expect from them during the game. Be firm but fair. Remind them of all the hard work they’ve put in and that you and the other coaches are proud of them. Encouraging the players may be the most important duty you have as a coach.

During the course of the game, continue to encourage the players. If they become frustrated with their performance, ease their minds and help them make adjustments. After the game, win or lose, let the team know that you appreciate their hard work.

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