How quarterbacks should warm up their arms before games, practices

Quarterbacks have arguably more influence on the outcome of games than any other players in sports. While the best QBs are successful because of their ability to recognize defences and to make good decisions instinctually, they need to be able to throw the ball well. And in order to do that, they have to make sure that they warm up adequately before every game and practice.

While it may be tempting for QBs to start throwing without shoulder pads on, that’s not how they’ll be throwing during the game, so it’s best to start with full gear, except for maybe their helmet.

The warm-up starts on both knees with their chest facing their throwing partner, who shouldn’t be more than 10 yards away. These throws will be very light and players should focus on their release. After 20 or so tosses, repeat while on one knee, exaggerating the motions of throwing the football.

Next, the athletes will stand up and spread out by roughly five more yards. Again, they should be facing each other and working on good throwing form. Now they can start throwing the ball a little harder, but they shouldn’t move their feet yet.

Once they’ve completed a couple dozen throws, they turn so they are in the natural football throwing position, and exchange about 20 throws. After that, the QBs should turn so that their throwing shoulder is facing their target. In order to get the ball to their partner, they’ll need to turn their hips and throw just like they would if they were scrambling.

To finish the warm-up, they stand normally and add a step to their throws. The throwing motion and follow-through should be exaggerated again to stretch out their muscles and so they get in the habit of using good mechanics.