How to properly fit your child for football shoulder pads

Yesterday, we discussed the many benefits offered by SteelLocker's Rawlings Momentum Youth Shoulder Pads. One of the most important factors in how effective these football pads are, however, is the fit. If your youngster's gear is too big or too small, he risks being injured on the field, because the pads won't be able to do their job properly.

Aside from hindering mobility, ill-fitting pads can jostle when a player is hit, essentially negating the protection they are intended to provide. But, with so many great deals available for purchasing gear online, these days it simply doesn't make sense to head into a store to buy football equipment.

Here is how to properly measure your child to determine his shoulder pad size:

♦ Have your child stand and raise his arms outward from his body until they are level with his shoulders, at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Find the indent on top of his shoulders where the clavicle enters the joint. Then have him lower his arms into a relaxed position at his side and measure from that point on the left to the other on the right shoulder. When doing so, keep the measuring tape resting across his shoulders near the nape of his neck, not his back. This is his shoulder measurement.
♦ Next, have him resume the position with arms out for the chest measurement. Starting from the front center of his torso on his breastplate, wrap the measuring tape around his chest, at his pectoral muscles. This number is his chest measurement.

These two measurements will enable you to select the perfect size shoulder pad for your young player, ensuring that he'll be safe every time he takes the field.