Product Review: Wrist Coach X100 – Youth Playbook Wristband

Anyone who has ever played organized football, whether it be for their high school or a local flag football organization knows how much goes into every single down.

Playbooks can be quite complicated and even in a controlled, no-pressure environment, it can be difficult to remember every formation and play. That said, it can be incredibly tough to recall a specific variation of a rarely used play with the stadium lights shining bright, hundreds of fans looking on and teammates depending on you in the middle of a key situation.

Coaches preach that fumbles and dropped passes are unacceptable, but forgetting your assignment on a play will most certainly earn you a spot on the sideline. Luckily, you don't need to let this happen to you thanks to SteelLocker Sports' Football Wrist Coach.

This handy football accessory fits comfortably on the forearm just like a sweatband, not at all hindering your ability to hold or throw the ball.

Specifically, the Wrist Coach X100 can hold up to three separate playsheets in its compartments, which are sealed by a protective plastic, so it can be used even in inclement weather. The compartments close securely with velcro and won't fly open during the game.

The X100 is available for only $7.99 and is manufactured directly by SteelLocker Sports. This particular football wristband playbook is designed for small tackle and flag football players from ages six through 12, and are available in 10 different colors.

Coaches can also purchase a 10 pack of these great youth football wrist coaches for only $59.99.

All SteelLocker wrist coaches are backed by a warranty. If there are any defects or issues with your wrist playbook, let our friendly customer service team know and we'll gladly replace it for you.

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