Protect your youth football players with Champro Practice Pants with Built-In Pads

Football is a tough sport. Players definitely take quite a beating during their games, and of course, the same goes for their pads and accessories. It's important that football players of all ages and sizes have gear that will protect them from season to season.

That's the beauty of the Champro Youth Integrated Football Practice Pants with Built-In Pads. These great football pants are far more than just comfortable, they offer a level of protection for players that's unrivaled by slotted pants.

First and foremost, the built-in pads are strong and can withstand some serious impact. If lower body pads fall out of place during a game or practice, the parts of the leg that are most likely to be hit will be left exposed and vulnerable to injury. Since the pads are knitted right into these Champro football pants, there's no need to worry about them moving around and not protecting the athletes.

These great youth football pants are made of durable, double-knit polyester, which will be snug on an athlete's legs, but won't tear after it's been beaten up for awhile. The hip pads feature special ventilation so the body's core doesn't overheat, and the built-in, full-length belt ensures that players won't be adjusting their pants constantly while they're on the field.

These youth football pants are available in two colors – black and white – and eight sizes from extra small (19-22" waist) to husky (36-38"). The Champo Youth Integrated Practice Pants are on sale right now for only $15.99, down from $23.99. Whether you need to replace a pair of football practice pants as soon as possible or want to take advantage of this great price for next season, be sure to put your order in today.