Rawlings Momentum Youth Shoulder Pads make protecting your athlete easy

Football shoulder pads are an important piece of equipment, especially for young players. They protect the area most often hit during tackles, the upper body. When parents are looking for new pads though, combing through the wide array of options on the market can be a tedious task. Additionally, many families are balancing budget with the best safety protection in their hunt for gear. They don't need to look any further than Rawlings Momentum Youth Shoulder Pads.

These pads offer excellent protection for your young athlete, no matter which position he plays. They feature a low profile, which is important so that players can both turn their heads freely and see incoming objects easily. There are two kinds of foam in various sections of the pad, closed and open cell, to provide maximum comfort and impact absorption on the torso and shoulders. Built-in clavicle pads also mean that you won't have to worry about replacing lost Velcro patches, which are common on other models.

Not only are these pads of the highest quality, they're cost-effective, currently on sale at SteelLocker for just $39.99. The fact of the matter is that kids grow fast. Boys especially have a tendency to sprout up by inches in a single year, which likely means that you'll be out shopping each season for a new set of shoulder pads. Forcing pads that are too small on an athlete can endanger them during games – with this gear, fit is everything.

The Rawlings Momentum Youth Shoulder Pads come in eight sizes, 3X-Small to 2X-Large, or shoulder width 10 to 18 inches, so no matter what stature or age your player is, you'll find the perfect fit.