Rawlings shoulder pads: SPTNYF review

The Rawlings SPTNYF youth shoulder pads offered by SteelLocker are a great option for coaches and parents looking for new gear for their players this fall. The pads have a number of safety and flexibility features and come in a wide range of sizes to fit all ages and positions.

Their flat-pad construction, which has been a popular option in recent years, provides excellent protection while maintaining the player's ability to turn his head toward his peripheral range. As a result, youngsters can better avoid hits and move their heads away from impact more quickly and easily.

The plates on each side of the athlete's chest move independently of one another, again providing an increased range of motion. This is especially true for the shoulders, which each have two flexible pieces to make raising one's arms less strenuous.

The insides of the pads are generously portioned with Rawlings' signature Pro-Dri foam, which can help keep athletes cool throughout the game by pulling sweat away from the body. The pads also have antibacterial properties to safeguard players' health, particularly in community play situations where one cannot be assured the same pads every time.

Each clavicle area has two adjustable memory foam pads, which ensure the perfect fit and the best protection for one of athletes' most vulnerable areas. These pads are also compatible with kick plates and feature durable snap closures designed for the tackle game.

The Rawlings SPTNYF youth shoulder pads come in six sizes, from shoulder widths 13 to 18 inches, and are appropriate for any field position. They are currently available on SteelLocker's website with a $20 discount, making them an even-more-affordable $79.99.