The two exercises that every offseason football player should be doing

The football season is closer than it may seem, and if players haven't started an offseason workout regimen yet, they're already behind. It's not too late to start, but these athletes will really need to keep up with training until practices begin if they don't want to lose their shot at a starting job because they're out of shape.

Every position calls for a different set of skills and strengths, but everyone from quarterbacks to defensive tackles should be sure to include a few specific exercises into their regular workout routine.

The first of these are deadlifts. Many lifts such as bench presses and curls only target a small area of the body, and while they are great at strengthening those muscles, there are more effective ways to bulk up quickly. Deadlifts tone and strengthen the calves, glutes, hamstrings, core and nearly every major muscle in the back.

While there are an infinite number of ways to do a row, this exercise should be incorporated in every offseason football workout in one form or another. These are also great for building core and back strength, but can be utilized as a very useful cardio workout as well. Just remember to keep a straight back and good form throughout every movement.

Even for those athletes who have avoided starting their offseason workouts until now, being in the weight room every day could have adverse effects and make them susceptible to injuries. It's important that outdoor workouts with football training aids are alternated with weight lifting. This not only will get athletes in better playing condition, it will also ensure that they are getting better at football. After all, there's a reason that all bodybuilders don't play the sport.