5 Reasons Why Girls Should Play Youth Sports

5 Very Good Reasons

5 Reasons Girls Should Play Youth Sports

There’s more to being a young girl than playing with dolls or going to the local mall — like being active in girl’s youth sports.

Not only are youth sports great for keeping in shape and having fun, but there are more reasons to get them involved, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation:

      • 1. Girls who participate in sports often do better in school. Participating in athletics doesn’t necessarily mean that homework or study time is ignored. In fact, research suggests that girls who play sports do better in school than those who don’t. Exercise improves learning, memory, and concentration, which can give active girls an advantage in the classroom.


    • 2. Girls who play sports learn teamwork and other skills.
      Playing sports can be fun but participating in them also teaches valuable
      life skills. When working alongside coaches, trainers, and teammates to win
      games and achieve goals, girls are learning how to be successful. These are
      important skills that carry over into work and in family life now, as well as
      into the future.
    • 3. Sports can help a girl’s health. In addition to being fit and maintaining a healthy weight, girls who actively play sports are also less likely to smoke. And later in life, girls who exercise are less likely to get breast cancer or osteoporosis, according to research.

Boost Self Confidence

  • 4. Boosting self-confidence. Girls who play sports often feel better about themselves. When they know they can practice, improve, and achieve their goals, their confidence level is sure to be enhanced. Sports are also considered a
    “feel-good” activity because they can help girls get in shape, maintain a
    healthy weight, and enjoy new friends.
  • 5. Exercise and Easing Stress. Did you know playing sports can lessen stress which can make one feel happier? That’s because the brain chemicals released during exercise are said to improve one’s mood. Friends are another mood-lifter; so being on a team with other girls often results in forming bonds between friends.

Luckily, there are all kinds of youth sports available to girls in just about every town in the
country from soccer to field hockey. Now is the time to get your daughter, niece of friend, involved in a team of her choice so she can reap the many rewards of playing in girls youth sports.