5 Tips To Keeping Your Cool While You’re Still In The Game

Tips for Athletes (and Parents) for Keeping It Cool While Playing Sports

Keep Your Cool While Playing Sports
Whether you play professional sports or youth sports in your home town, it’s easy to let the competition get the best of you.

Even team moms, and team dads can become easily frustrated and angry just like those highly skilled athletes and players themselves.

But bottom-line: Of course, keeping your cool while playing any sport — or watching — is key and should be followed by everyone regardless of age and position.

Here are 5 tips from some professional athletes involved with Liberty Mutual’s Play Positive program and its partner the Positive Coaching Alliance to make sure your games are safe, fun and always professional.


1. According to USA Hockey player Ryan Kessler take a breath. He says it never hurts to take a deep breath when you’re participating in a sport. It will slow down the game, as well as your own anger and any frustrations you might have.

2. Use a cue word or phrase to get you back on track and centered, refocused on the match, says Jordan Burroughs, USA Wrestling.

3. Learn to brush off mistakes by saying positive affirmations or phrases like “brush it off” or “no sweat,” says Lauren Gibson, USA Softball.
Keep Calm
4. Use a Poker Face while competing says Nicolette Fawcett, USA Volleyball Team. She adds: “you will be surprised how it not only affects you opponents but also keeps you in check.”

5. Jennie Finch, USA Softball adds to just worry about yourself and not others. In other words, keep track of your own actions and attitudes since you are the only one who can control them.

Most importantly, have fun, enjoy your time on the field or court and always, always be professional.

These tips from the above athletes should help you and yours keep your cool wherever you may be.