6 Tips to Help Leaders Lead at Sports

Leading In Sports

Sometimes just saying you are the leader isn’t enough to reap the rewards of success. There are a few tips that can help leaders lead and at the same help teammates win.

1. Work hard at practice. A quick way to impact a team is with your own work ethic. Why not be one of the hardest workers on your team at the next practice? It will set the tone for the work ethic of the program, and it’s a great way to enhance leadership credibility with teammates and coaches.

2. Be enthusiastic. Be as energetic and enthusiastic as you can amongst your teammates. Your positive attitude might inspire the rest of the team to do the same.

3. Be tough, but not rough. As a leader keep in mind your teammates follow your lead under pressure, adversity, and stress, so be tough but not rough. Come back quickly after mistakes to show teammates how to respond to negative situations. Keep poise and optimism regardless of mistakes so teammates can trust and rely on you to get them through hard times.

4. Build relationships. Leadership takes work, as well as building relationships. It’s OK to ask teammates about their day, challenges, and goals. Make a special and ongoing effort to get to know every athlete on your team. The relationship building will help down the road.

5. Be complimentary. Watch the players closely and call out a teammate for making a great play, coming back quickly from an error, etc. Praise the actions and attitudes you want to see repeated.

6. Challenge a teammate. Challenge at least one of your teammates today. Positively push them and yourself to be the best!

Now go ahead and give one of these tips a try the next time you hold a practice or just want to be in tune with your teammates. You might be surprised how they take to your leadership.

Do you have a great tip?  Comment and lets hear it!