Make The Sporting Environment a Positive Place

Sports Environment
There is no better way to make a sports experience enjoyable for your youth player than to create an exciting and supportive environment each game day that your athlete competes.

There are endless ways to produce an environment that is fun, not only for your child, but also for every player and parent associated with the team.

Here are a couple of ideas that are sure to help make your young athlete’s game day experience better than ever, but also use your own imagination!

It’s the small things

Learn every player’s name on your child’s team.  Small things such as this can make the athletes feel like a wanted part of the team while also helping coaches and other parents feel more engaged. Create a sense of team spirit in original ways:

  • Wear team colors to games.
  • Create positive and supportive signage.
  • Make decorations (team buttons, jewelry, etc.).
  • Create team cheers.

Whatever you choose to do make sure you include all the players and parents from the team.

Be a helpful volunteer

As a parent, you want to be a role model at home, but it’s important to bring this same thought to young athlete’s events. Being a volunteer is a fun way to stay involved with your child’s interests, as well as forming new and rewarding relationships with other volunteers.

A few ways you can volunteer are by:

  • Being a coach (Head or Assistant).
  • Keeping the scorebook or scoreboard.
  • Bringing snacks and drinks for the players.
  • Assisting with the set up and break down of the facilities.

Connect outside of the field

Be willing to put in the time to interact with the families and other athletes on your child’s team. By doing team activities together, you can create lasting friendships.

Here are some ideas on how your young athletes and parents can connect away from the game:

  • Have team meals (pre- or post-game).
  • Go to the movies as a team.
  • Have a team party.
  • Go see a professional, semiprofessional, or collegiate game that’s the same sport as your team.
  • Connect through social media.

With these tips you should be able to create a warm, inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for your kids who are playing sports well as for those who are watching them take the field!