Sports vs. TV

Sports vs. TV for Your Kids

TV vs Sports
With so many options for kids out there from video games and the Internet to TV shows, how do you get them to do anything else but stare at a screen? Namely sports.

If your kid is the type who would prefer sitting inside watching the latest Superhero flick or TV series instead of being outside shooting hoops, you might want to follow these tips.

After all, youth sports are not only good for exercising their bodies but also for socializing. They can get a good work out by playing soccer, football or the like, and make new friends with teammates at the same time.

So start today and get your kid off the couch and busy with some athletic equipment instead.

These sports – along with their many benefits – should keep them busy and healthy moving forward:

Baseball/ Softball

Baseball and softball are two of those old American sports that everyone loves to watch and play. For youth, most local baseball teams can be joined via the National Little League Baseball organization. Start them early with T-ball and get them excited about hitting a home run or two. Some benefits include: physical strength, hand-eye coordination, balance, learning teamwork and leadership skills.


Perhaps soccer was once considered only a game played in the United Kingdom, but not anymore. Americans have taken a liking to soccer and old and young alike seem to be running the ball up and down the field with gusto. The U.S. Youth Soccer Organization was founded in 1974 with only 100,000 registered players. Today, there are more than 3 million. Most soccer teams can be found through the U.S. Youth Soccer Organization’s local chapters. Benefits include: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.


It may not be exciting to a kid to don a pair of walking shoes and take a long walk around the neighborhood, but walking is one of the best forms of exercise that any of us can get. It’s especially a good option for kids who don’t enjoy physical exertion or competitive games. Benefits that your child will get from walking: balance, coordination, leg strength and weight control. Also, becoming more environmentally aware and learning how to bond with friends and family is what they will learn by making walking part of their daily routine.

So, get your kids away from the old ‘tube and into some sports where they can reap the rewards!