The Joys of Cheerleading

The Joys of Cheerleading

Almost every little girl – and even some bigger girls – at some point in their life wants to be a cheerleader.

And why shouldn’t they? It’s a chance to wear a great uniform, cheer for the home team, and have a good workout.

According to the experts besides its physical advantages, cheerleading is also a social, team-based activity that can help improve kids’ self-confidence and leadership skills.

The benefits of cheerleading alone are worth it to share with your daughter to go out for the cheerleading team.

More Positives of Cheerleading

As mentioned, cheerleading helps build strong bones. According to a study in the Journal of Athletic Training, only 6 percent of cheerleaders were injured over a one-year period. To reduce risk of injuries, which are most often sprains and strains in the lower extremities, make sure your cheerleader gets some base strength around her joints, add stretching, flexibility, and regular exercise (outside of cheerleading practice).

Happy People Only

Cheerleaders are usually encouraged to smile even when the game isn’t going their way, and that might make them happier in general. Experts believe that cheerleading produces active, engaged people. According to a survey conducted by Varsity Brands, a company that runs cheerleading camps and makes uniforms, cheerleaders were more likely to hold a leadership position in their school or community. Cheerleaders are known to work together as a team across racial, social, and economic limitations.

Using the Voice

Cheerleaders are also known to yell since that’s what cheerleading is all about, and experts say yelling is good. In fact, Diaphragmatic breathing (inhaling and exhaling deeply) has a variety of medical benefits including reducing the negative effects of stress. What’s that mean? Go ahead, let kids yell!

As you can see, cheerleading is much more than pompoms, and short skirts. It is something that can mold your daughter into a fine young woman with leadership and camaraderie skills, among others.