These Stats on Youth Sports Might Shock You

Just like stats on the population and city crimes in various neighborhoods, there are stats for youth/athletics sports.

Youth athletics/ sports are one of the most popular activities for kids around the globe to participate in and especially right here at home in the good ol’ US of A.

From baseball and basketball to field hockey and football, kids of all ages, shapes, and sizes play youth athletics/ sports.

If you’re a parent you are used to buying new gear for the respective sport almost every season, meeting the coach, helping out with the team or just standing on the sidelines cheering.

If you are a team mom, team dad or team parent, you might be interested in learning about some pretty cool stats provided by

Some are things that you would never have guessed, perhaps didn’t care to know and others that could make some pretty fun neighborhood potluck fodder.

Check these out:
Youth Sport Stats
By the way if you didn’t know, youth athletics/sports are a sport category in which competitors under 18 years old participate. This includes activities which are individual and team-based, outside of school or within school, and competitive and non-competitive sports.