Tying in Youth Sports and the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award

The Presidential Youth Active Lifestyle Award

Presidential Award

Sports help build muscles, as well as character.

And if your kids play youth sports — or even if they don’t — they can definitely benefit and maybe reap an award or two outside of the game.

As parents, do you know about The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award also known as PALA? The challenge can help you, as well as your kids add even more activity to your lives. Do it alone or as a family.

You can join on your own or start a group – whether it’s with a few neighborhood friends or a group of kids you know that could stand to get healthier. You pick your challenge and strive to reach your goal, logging your physical activity along the way. An added bonus for reaching your goal and improving your health you can earn the PALA Award.

Doing it Daily

Earning a PALA is definitely do-able by anyone at any fitness level; it just takes some commitment. So, go ahead, pull on your sneakers and get out there.

The PALA challenge is also for all participants/all ages, but it’s geared toward people who want to set themselves on the path to better fitness success.

The Goals:

Kids and teens (ages 6 and 17 years): You need to be active 60 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, for 6 out of 8 weeks. As an alternative, you can count your daily activity steps using a pedometer (girls’ goal: 11,000; boys’ goal: 13,000).

Adults (ages 18 and older): You need to be active 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, for 6 out of 8 weeks. As an alternative, you can count your daily activity steps using a pedometer (goal: 8,500).

Starting the PALA will help you or your athletes:

  • Commit to daily physical activity, but be sure to stay with it.
  • Set realistic goals to encourage fitness for a lifetime.

Keeping Track

You may track your progress with the free personal activity log, which you can access online at
www.presidentschallenge.org after you create an individual account, or on a paper log found at

Reap the Award

The great thing about the PALA challenge is that it makes fitness enjoyable. Yes, you need to be active every day, but participants can choose all kinds of activities to meet this goal from playing with the kids, gardening, walking, shooting hoops, running, yoga, and more.

It’s easy to earn the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, but it does take a nearly daily commitment to physical activity for 6 out of weeks. You can do it though if you set your mind to it. If you do, you’ll earn an award in less than two months.

More Info

Sign up for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award challenge today, and in six short weeks your sure to feel better and certainly healthier!

For tips to help you bring PALA to your organization, visit Presidents Challenge