Love of the game keeps 17-year-old in a softball uniform

There are a lot of reasons that some people can't play sports, whether it be their age, ability or schedules. Fortunately, their passion and knowledge of a game doesn't need to be wasted, as they can, of course, coach a team instead. More often than not, coaches of youth sports are former athletes who can't play the way they used to, but as with most things, there's always exceptions to the rule.

Though high school senior Trish Chahalis has her sights set on playing softball when she goes to Montgomery College in the fall, she wasn't able to be a part of the Rockville High squad this past spring. She had played up until her final academic year at the Maryland secondary school, but she told the Washington Post that "it was just too much" to find time to play during her senior year.

When she was junior, Rockville High assistant principal Daniel Garcia asked her if she would be able to coach his daughter's youth team, but she declined, citing her lack of access to a vehicle and her role on the high school team as reasons that she wouldn't be able to make the commitment. When that was no longer an issue, the 17-year-old agreed to switch softball uniforms and coach the young athletes.

Chahalis explained to the news source that she had some bad coaches in the past and knew that she could do a better job. Now that the season is nearly over, she said that she's "had more fun coaching these girls than [she had] being coached."

While Chahalis hopes to play again in college, she told the source that she'd loved to be back on the field with the young girls next year.