Product Review: A4 Women’s Double Knit Softball Pants

There's nothing worse than playing in an uncomfortable uniform – just ask the Major League Baseball players who are required to play in throwback jerseys from the early 20th century. While no high school softball coach would force her players into long-sleeve wool shirts and big, baggy pants, a number of athletic departments and communities have been using the same pants and jerseys for years.

When softball uniforms are updated, it's usually the tops that are swapped out for new, contemporary ones, leaving the girls with the same old uncomfortable pants they've been stuck with. It's amazing what a difference a complete uniform makeover can do, not only for the girls' comfort, but also for the team's morale.

If you're thinking of replacing your team's old softball uniforms, the A4 Women's Double Knit Softball Pants are certain to be a great fit. It's no question that young ladies are built differently than men, which is why these pants are tailored specifically for girls. The legs are cut halfway up the calf, and the waistband is elastic with a drawcord, brass zipper and two-snap button front. The knees also feature a double layer of fabric, so they are more resistant to wear and tear from sliding and diving.

The pants are made of 10 ounce, 100 percent double-knit Polyester, which will last for plenty of seasons to come. This particular fabric is moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and stain-resistant, making these softball pants perfect for schools or local organizations with the intent of recycled use throughout the years.

Available in six different colors and sizes, from women's X-Small to 2X-Large, the A4 Women's Double Knit Softball Pants are only $16.99 on SteelLocker Sports and usually ship in just one or two days.

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