Learn Baseball Terminology

Baseball might be America’s favorite pastime but there are some more obscure baseball terms that not everyone might immediately recognize. So we have created this handy baseball training aid to teach you some common terms that all baseball coaches, players and fans know by heart!


Dead Ball
A ball that is out of play.

Double Play
Two players are put out during the same continuous play.

Fly Ball
A batted ball that goes high into the air.

Line Drive
A batted ball that goes direct from the bat to a fielder without touching the ground.

Triple Play
Play by defense in which three offensive players are put out as a result of the same continuous play.

A player who has a position in the infield, which is the area of the field closest to home plate.

Player in outfield, which is the area of the field furthest from home plate.

The score made by an offensive player who touches all four bases after batting.