Making Plans for a Cooperstown Baseball World Tournament

Although the Cooperstown Baseball World (CBW) tournament is all about the kids, the event is setup to accommodate everyone that comes to town for that week. The baseball players will have the luxury of playing on real world professional style baseball diamonds, while enjoying off-field luxuries like bunk-housing for team members and coaches, an arcade, a glove shaped swimming pool and other amenities.

Parents and other family members will also be able to enjoy the luxuries of on-site lodging at the All-Star Village Baseball Resort which includes: an All-Star Tavern, heated pools, extensive landscaped grounds, full-size fitness center, continental breakfast buffet and a general store where souvenirs can be bought along with many other great gifts and cool things.

The 14U and 16U youth baseball divisions will be treated with the fun of playing on three different full-size baseball fields, complete with state-of-the-art turf and lighting just like on a Major League field. The State College Oneonta Varsity Baseball Field, the Damaschke Field and the Neahwa Park Field will be the three main full-size fields and will be running live web-cam broadcast throughout the events, which can be watched in the All-Star Village Restaurant and Tavern. Spectators will enjoy stage seating areas at the fields, LED scoreboards and many other amenities you would expect from an upper-class ball field.

Some packages include a Cooperstown Baseball World commemorative ring, embroidered gift, baseball apparel, trading pin, a logo water bottle and a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame, which should be visited even if it is not included in the trip. The Baseball Hall of Fame has the history of some of the most stand up guys to ever play in the league. Their accomplishments on-and-off the field should be an inspiration to the young kids who will be spending a whole week celebrating the great game. It’s a place like the Baseball Hall of Fame that teaches kids that there is more to being a great baseball player than just what you do on the field, it’s about life and life accomplishments.

The week-long tournament was founded in 1998 and will be entering its 16th season. As of right now, CBW excepts teams from 46 of the 50 U.S. states, and teams from Canada, Virgin Island, Puerto Rico, Dominica Republic and Israel are also welcomed.