Some Sports Heroes Who Have Made Their Mark

Did you know some of the greatest mentors of our time have come in the form of sports heroes. Here are a few who have made their names household words over the years, according to and Tell us if your favorite is on the list.

  1. Muhammad Ali: The boxer is a man who definitely made history in many ways whether it was through the sport or cultural diversity. Read more about Ali here
  1. Jessie Owens. He showed everyone that a black man could compete with a white man with grace. His performance at the 1936 Olympics remains a historical moment in sports and in world history. Read more about Owens and/or see the new film ‘Race ‘or visit
  1. Jackie Robinson. A man who not only changed the popular game of baseball, but also culture. Read more at
  1. Arthur Ashe. An African American tennis player who was great at tennis, but also used his celebrity to help with Civil Right causes. Read more at
  1. Billie Jean King. Not the one Michael Jackson sang about but a tennis player who fought for women’s rights during the 70s. Read more at
  1. Roberto Clemente. A baseball player in the truest form, he left the game in the offseason for charity work in his native Puerto Rico. Read more
  1. Pat Tillman. This football player cut his career short to enlist in the U.S. Army and fight in the War on Terror. Read more at
  1. Terry Fox. Introduced the idea of a charity run, he ran a marathon with an artificial leg.
  1. Michael Jordan. Mentioning his name says more than words. Read more at

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