What If Your Kid Hates Sports?

What is your kid hates sports
Not all kids want to shoot baskets, go for a home-run or kick the soccer ball.

In fact, some kids don’t like organized sports at all. It could be because they were once on a team and they didn’t have fun at it.

Maybe the other teammates seemed to know what they were doing and your kid didn’t have a clue. Or maybe he/she didn’t like being in a competitive atmosphere against other teams or players.

It’s not a secret that competition can bring out some mixed emotions.

A lot of players are so into winning they may yell or get upset at a player who makes a mistake. But everybody makes mistakes and no one should tease anybody for it. If they do, it’s a good idea to talk with the coach or mom or dad. Sometimes kids need to be reminded about being understanding and respectful to one another.

Parents and coaches also can get upset about a game situation and put too much pressure on kids. Kids might feel confused and stressed out during games if they’re not quite sure what they should be doing.

But team sports also can be a great experience. Kids get to improve their skills and feel that team spirit as they work together toward a common goal.

If your kid has had a bad experience with a team, maybe it’s time to they try a new sport or a new league. Some leagues and programs emphasize skill building versus competition — and some leagues don’t even keep score!

There are dozens of sports, so your child might not have found the one for him/her yet. Lots of kids try soccer and baseball. But what if their best sport turns out to be volleyball, cheerleading, or gymnastics? Have them try each out and find out for themselves!

In the end, different sports require different skills, so kids will want to try different sports to find one that suits them best. Some activities they might not think of as sports, like karate or cheerleading, can be terrific for staying active.

If your kids don’t like being on a team they can also consider individual sports. An individual sport means a kid does the sport on his or her own. You can do these sports competitively or just for the fun of doing them.

Have them play the field so to speak and see where a sport can take him/her and where they feel most comfortable.

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