Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX Volleyball shoes

Every volleyball player knows how important footwear is to performance on the court. The right shoe offers support and flexibility, is both durable and comfortable, and provides traction to help them spike with the best athletes out there.

The Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX volleyball shoe fits these criteria perfectly. Mizuno has been making sporting goods since 1906, and the Lightning is their latest offering in women's footwear, featuring some of the most innovative technologies available.

The Wave technology used on the sole of this shoe allows impact to be distributed evenly throughout the sole, which reduces stress on hard-hit areas of the feet like the ball. Furthermore, the Lightning model offers additional padding in the front half of the shoe for protection, as well as a structured midsole to keep the foot supported in a sport where jumping is a regular activity.

All this unique technology means that athletes' feet won't hurt at the end of a match – a big bonus for any volleyball player.

Don't think all that structure will impede movement, though. The Lightning RX provides stability and flexibility with Mizuno's enhanced rubber outsole, which also has specially designed grooves in order to make the shoe more durable than its competitors on the market.

As all athletes know, sports shoes can be uncomfortably hot, which can lead to some pretty fragrant footwear. The Lightning combats these issues with ample ventilation in the upper shoe and midsole to reduce heat and promote air circulation throughout the foot.

SteelLocker, along with its selection of volleyball equipment, offers the Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX volleyball shoe for an affordable $114.99, which, given the long-lasting nature of this footwear, will have you playing for years to come.